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Graphic icons from signs come to life and stroll the streets whenever

artist Yvette Helin stages her Pedestrian Project, a mix of visual art, whimsy and social satire.


The Pedestrian Project consists of several performers wearing entirely black custom-made costumes modeled after the generic images of men, women, and children seen on public signs. Mimicking the lives of everyday people, the roaming sculptural forms inspire the imaginations of onlookers, who often find themselves mesmerized as these familiar icons assume busy lives of their own.

The Pedestrian Project  has performed internationally, sponsored by organizations and institutions which include the Museum of Modern Art in New York City; The High Museum in Atlanta,Georgia; The Krannert Art Museum in Champaign, Illinois; AVE Festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands; Waves Festival in Voordingborg, Denmark; The Prague Quadrennial in Czech Republic; Kunst Art show in Frankfurt, Germany; ACC Galerie in Weimar, Germany; American Fine Arts New York City; “Intro-Graz-Spection” Art Show/Event in Graz, Austria; 2001 International Sculpture Conference in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Halifax Arts Festival, Halifax,Nova Scotia; Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City; New Haven Festival of Arts and Ideas; PS 122 Performance Space, New York City; and the Detroit Arts Festival in Detroit, Michigan. Often the “Peds” show up for political events, in support of (or against) issues on the table. Some of the events Yvette's group has participated in include the Annual AIDS Walk NY; World Aids Day; Earth Day New York; the Brooklyn Incinerator Hearings; and Williamsburg Walks, Brooklyn, New York.

The Project remains active since 1990 and recently made an appearance in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to help promote "Williamsburg Walks", an event which closed the streets for Pedestrians to use instead of cars during specified hours on the weekends.


Yvette Helin is an artist and costume designer living in New York City. She has shown her artwork in many art shows and events around the globe. She creates costume designs for many clients in the advertising, fashion, theatrical, television, movie and print ad businesses. A portfolio of her costume designs can be seen on her website:

Photo Credit: Gabe Kirchheimer

Photojournalist Gabe Kirchheimer has taken many spectacular pictures of the Pedestrian Project. If you would like to contact him for his high quality photos, please contact Gabe: Visit his site to see all his impressive photographs of many important events.


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